Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reclaim the Strength of Your Youth with Outdoor Gym Fitness Playgrounds

Do you remember when you were little and you could cross a set of monkey bars in seconds or lift yourself up and over those bars with little to no effort? Because of active play and useful muscle conditioning, our bodies maximized our strength, making it easy to run and play and not even think about how strong we were. As we get older, we use less active play and more gym time to try to replicate that same strength. While it works to make us strong and keep us healthy, it's not the same type of strength you get from playing outdoors. With outdoor jungle gym fitness, you get to recreate your playground days with functional strength training that works different muscle groups and increases the level of enjoyment you get from a workout.

Jungle Gym Fitness Is Fast Paced

One thing that kept you conditioned as a child was the fast pace in which you used your muscles when playing. Outdoor jungle gym fitness routines can utilize that same speed, and you'll find that you tire more quickly when working outdoors. Instead of doing slow reps and stretches, you'll be moving quickly along the monkey bars, trying to get to the top of the rope climb before someone else, engaging in fast paced dips, and trying to beat your record for plyo jumps. This type of workout is growing in popularity as more adults want to reclaim the strength of their youth and love working outdoors during the warmer months. In fact, you may find this workout so intense you can't wait until you're back indoors during the winter.

Jungle Gym Fitness Classes

Some health clubs and gyms are installing outdoor jungle gym fitness stations for members to use independently, while others are designing classes around the equipment. Taking a jungle gym class is fun because it engages your body and allows you to compare your current fitness level with those around you. Just like you used to compete with your friends for going across the monkey bars fastest or swinging the highest, you'll compete with your classmates and improve your fitness level at the same time.